Humidifying – how to

So, humidity is important. And how do you get it into your instrument – humidifiers. There are as many type of humidifiers as there are guitar models.


Planet waves
This one too hangs into the soundhole while resting on the strings
This one lies in the body of the guitar while the plastic cover lies over the soundhole, stopping the moisture from escaping, retaining it within the instrument
Another soundhole humidifier

All of these work but they are expensive. What if you can get a bigger bang for a smaller buck?

Take a look at my favourite humidifier.

Do you recognise this?
The humble kitchen scrub in a soapdish is the perfect humidifier

You can save still more if you replace the soapdish with a zip-lock bag punctured in places to let out the moisture.

All that you need to do is to soak the sponge, leaving it just moist enough – as opposed to being dripping wet – and leave it inside the body of your guitar. If you want, you may cover the soundhole with a lid of sorts.

Check the moistness of your sponge every few days and when you find that the sponge is almost as wet as when you placed it inside, rest assured that your instrument has had enough to ‘drink’.

But if you wish to be 100% sure, use this:

A digital hygrometre
Another version with a temperature reading

A digital hygrometre is a wonderful instrument: cheap and reliable. You slip one of these through the soundhole of the instrument and leave it there for a few days. To get a very accurate reading, cover the soundhole of the instrument with a lid. After a few days, the reading that you get on your hygrometre, is the humidity in your guitar.

NEVER keep both the humidifier and the hygrometre in the instrument together, for the hygrometre will keep reading the humidity content of the humidifier!!!

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