A dozen or so years ago, a dear 12-string acoustic friend passed away in a rather painful fashion, with me unable to find help for it.

Many books, videos later and half-a-decade worth of working on instruments both cheap and expensive, I am taking the next big step: advertising myself through this blog. It is an effort dedicated to helping you understand the acoustic guitar better, how it functions and how to take care of your acoustic instrument.

Here, I shall exhibit repair work as it comes along and endeavour to answer doubts and queries pictorially and with the help of subtext. I will immensely appreciate suggestions about a better way, or an easier route to whatever it is that I undertook. Expect a post every week, though being a newbie at this, I may not always be successful.

I am located in Lalbagh, Lucknow, India, bang opposite Shalimar Square and adjacent to Punjab National Bank, Lalbagh. In the last 5 years, I have done everything from broken headstocks and necks, cracked guitar tops, buzzing frets, obstinate necks that refuse to turn the other way, malfunctioning tuning machines and more. Of course, a set-up is my speciality. Why it is VERY IMPORTANT you will learn in a post soon to follow.

I am also available should you desire my services in choosing ‘the right instrument for you’.
Wish me luck, and here’s to the health of your acoustic guitar!

– Amit Newton