Guitar repair – Joy setting up this LAG orchestra model!

A few years ago, I had repaired a guitar which I had never even heard of. The owner had told me LAG was a French company which had begun production in India and the instrument in my hand was among the first few guitars of the company in India.

Hugely interested by that fact, I repaired the guitar…

With a shattered top, is it ‘Bye-bye, Beauty’?

and as I went through the instrument with a fine-tooth comb, I also decided to review it

Wait, save, buy – the LAGT88D (a review)

Convinced by my ravings about LAG guitars, a return customer decided to buy one, though not the Dreadnought model (T88D) that I had raved about but a travel sized guitar – Travel-SPE.

A beautiful little thing and packing quite a bit of punch.

The owner had brought it in for a general look-up, some maintenance and a change of strings. However, I did notice that the action on it was high – strange – for this instrument was hardly a year old.

The old strings were taken off and all those inaccessible areas (due to the strings) were dusted and cleaned. Special attention was paid to the fretboard and the fretwires. The hardware on the headstock was checked and snugged-up.

Talking about fretboards and necks, I did check the relief in it and it was dead straight.

To reduce the action, the saddle needed to be shaved, and it was.

The owner had provided strings to put on.

Once I was done, the saddle was considerably lower as was the action.

I leave you with some last pics of the work done.


P.S: If you wish to read about the specifications of the Travel-SPE, here they are:



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