Guitar repair is back, as am I!!!!

It’s been two months since our last rendezvous, what with the annual monthly closing of the Lucknow Guitar Garage getting extended by a month and me getting tied up with the household. However, guitar repair did not stop for so long, and I began working from the day after New Year.

In the interim, the world is a poorer place having lost Jeff Beck and Lisa Marie Presley. RIP wherever you are!

And getting down to brass tacks, you have heard me deride cheap, local – made in Indian factories – guitars often enough! But there are exceptions to every rule, and here too.

This instrument was returning to me after some time for a general clean up and some strings, as the owner was leaving to attend college in Bengaluru (Bangalore), and wished to carry his guitar with him.

Reading my impressions about the guitar then surprised me, how what I wanted to say now, was so similar to what I had already said. If you wish to read, here it is

A damaged bridgeplate & the evolution of Jolly JIMM!

This time, all that I needed to do was a deep clean, oil the fretboard and bridge, buff out the tarnished frets, and check if the belly (after the bridge) and the sinkage (beside the soundhole) had increased.

Thankfully, it was all the same, or, at least, minimal.

The action on the guitar too, was rather comfortable.

I leave you with images of the work.

Amit Newton

An experienced guitar tech with over 10 years of experience working on acoustic Gibsons and Martins in the Gulf region. There is nothing that cannot be repaired; the only consideration is the price at which it comes. And yet, if there is sentiment attached, no price is too high! WhatsApp/Call me: 7080475556 email me:

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