Another Cort, more intonation issues!

Two in two weeks! Two Corts, different models, same problem, same owner! Fancy that!

So, this week I have for you this

The owner told me about the intonation problem and again I looked straight at the saddle. That seemed fine, as did the nut, though regular wear and tear had caused the strings to sit far deeper in their slots than I would have liked.

I decided to change the nut and saddle, use bone, in the hope that the intonation on the instrument would get sorted with new, harder stuff.

So, I cleaned out the nut slot, cleaned and oiled the fretboard, gave the fretwires a good rub.

Then I turned my attention to the nut and saddle. Some measurements and more shaving ensured that I got the saddle and nut to the dimensions I wanted them in. Both sat as snug as a bug in a rug.

However, when I strung up the instrument and checked the intonation, it was off by some distance. Again I pulled out my trusted file and went to work on the saddle. After much tweaking, the instrument intonated to within permissible limits.

Cleaned, polished and strung up, this too was a beautiful instrument.

The abalone binding along the top and around the soundhole, did really make it look special.


UPDATE: The owner has called to say that the action on the instrument has risen and he will be bringing it in for me to take a look at.
I am keeping my fingers crossed! 



Amit Newton

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