Shaving plastic on India’s Republic Day

This lovely cutaway came in the other day for action correction and overall service. A good guitar for the price and considering that it was from Japanese giant Ibanez, the workmanship was not to be doubted.

Once I was through with working on it and sat down to write this post, I learned that Ibanez made the MD39C especially for the Indian market. At 39 inches long, it fell in the comfortable range between a full-size guitar (41”) and a three-fourth (kids’) guitar (38”).

At its price, it boasted of a solid spruce top though the quality of the spruce wasn’t very good. The back and sides were Nato – [a collective name for wood from Mora trees (the best-known species are Mora excelsa (Mora) and Mora gonggrijpii (Morabukea)], and the instrument sported smart, semi-closed, chrome tuning machines.

The 20-fret guitar also had a rosewood fretboard and bridge. Naturally, it had a plastic saddle and nut, which, on this guitar, had already begun to get cut under string tension.

All that remained to be done was loosen the strings, pull out the saddle and shave it down to the right height. A few hits and misses and finally it was done.

I cleaned and polished the body, including the neck, the headstock and the tuning machines, lightly sanded and oiled the fretboard, and restrung the instrument.

The owner was pleased with the final result (Sorry! photographs to show)!


Amit Newton

An experienced guitar tech with over 10 years of experience working on acoustic Gibsons and Martins in the Gulf region. There is nothing that cannot be repaired; the only consideration is the price at which it comes. And yet, if there is sentiment attached, no price is too high! WhatsApp/Call me: 7080475556 email me:

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  1. Thanku so much sir for this service…i really appreciate your work..
    Now my guitar is in a much better condition..

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