Hummingbird hanging fire too long

Sometime back I had posted this guitar which needed a pick-up to be installed in it.


I was awaiting a specialised drill bit to work the end hole of this guitar and finally received it yesterday. Here is the finished product.

The endpin jack in place
The battery compartment stuck to the headblock, encased in its own thick, canvas casing.
The volume and tone controls stuck to the soundhole

As you can see, these photographs were taken after I had strung up the guitar – almost as an afterthought.

Thus, I couldn’t capture the process of drilling the bridge through which the piezo pickup came up from under the top and now sits in the bridge, under the saddle.

Additionally, there is a microphone which is stuck to the bridgeplate, right under the bridge. 


Of course, there are no photos of the microphone sticking to the bridgeplate but I searched the net and found this. At least it gives you an idea of how things sit.

pic courtesy

Internally mounted microphones capture a guitar’s natural resonance and harmonic overtones. This one should capture the full range of the soundboard’s (top’s) projection in addition to resonance. 

Let’s see how this bird sings!


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